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4/14/2020 Happy Easter Once Again

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Dear members and friends of Calvary, sisters and brothers in Christ, Happy Easter once again and thank you for tuning in to our online Easter Sunday Worship Service via Facebook Live last Sunday, April 12 - as well as our Holy Week Evening Services – the Maundy Thursday Communion Service and Good Friday Seven Last Sayings Service.

I had a “Facetime” (Video Chat via Facebook Messenger) with my mother last night (morning in the Philippines) who is bedridden at her home. After greeting her happy Easter, I told her that our Easter Sunday Service is recorded on our church Facebook Page. With the help of her caregiver she was able to watch our Easter Service as well as the two Holy Week evening services – all in one sitting – so to speak. My mom was so thankful and said she felt blessed she was able to worship via our recorded online worship services. Praise the Lord! Wow - I said to myself - I never imagined that one day, even our worship services could be broadcast nationally and internationally. We now have live-streamed four of our services: Palm Sunday (233 views); Maundy Thursday Communion (160 views), Good Friday Seven Last Sayings (207 views) and Easter Sunday (272 views). There have been real time - and after the events - comments and they are very encouraging. David Merkooloff – a trustee - hosted an online fellowship or discussion before and after the Good Friday evening service via the Zoom (an interactive app). Despite being separated physically, because of the pandemic or COVID-19, we at Calvary of Clifton still strive to Worship, Fellowship, and do our Ministry toward our church members and friends, as well as do Mission or Outreach beyond our usual boundaries.

We have reconnected ourselves with the Seda family in Florida together with Christine’s mom: sister Melanie. Thanks to David Seda who assisted me with some technological logistics. People from different parts of the country are watching our live-streams or broadcasts: from Connecticut, Alabama, Texas, California and perhaps other places we are not aware of. Please help pass on the information to your family members, loved-ones, friends and colleagues - that we are live-streaming our church worship services via Facebook Live.

Our Board of Trustees: Ethan Medley - Chair; David Merkooloff - Vice Chair, Church Treasurer; Dharma Seda - Member, Church Financial Secretary; Yareth Natareno-Salinas – Member, Church Clerk, and the Pastor; continue to meet periodically and remind us to send our tithes, offerings and special offerings; as well as submit our pledge for the incoming Fiscal Year 2020-2021 which starts next month - May. Financial contributions may be given via our website or checks by mail.

As a tradition, we are having our Special Easter Offering with a budgeted goal of $1,000. Again, you may give via our website link or send a check through postal mail. We are to be preparing for our Annual Business Meeting which is scheduled on Sunday, May 17, 2020. Let us wait for special announcements on how we shall go through our church business in the midst of the current situation. Let us continue to pray: for protection - for one another and for those in the front lines; for healing for those who are sick and for comfort for those who have lost loved-ones in their time of grief. Let us continue to follow the safety precautions and guidelines. As much as possible let us stay home to maintain social or physical distancing to stop the spread of the virus. May the spirit of Easter give us the hope, strength of faith and assurance that we shall overcome this current pandemic. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Affectionately yours in Christ, Pastor Manuel de la Fuente Calvary Baptist Church of Clifton – International 462 Lexington Avenue, Clifton NJ 07011

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